I’m Speaking At Wordcamp Fayetteville 2013

Wordcamp Fayetteville 2013

My topic at Wordcamp Fayeteville 2013 will be Finding and Choosing A WordPress Theme

I’m not quite sure what I’ve gotten myself into here in volunteering to present at Wordcamp Fayetteville 2013, but it is sure to be interesting.

My session, called Finding and Choosing a WordPress Theme, is in the beginners section.

I’ll walk attendees through the process of finding and choosing an appropriate WordPress Theme for your blog or website.

I’ll be covering free themes available through the WordPress CMS, and premium themes available on the web, with hints and tips on what to look for when evaluating themes.

The session will be appropriate for beginning bloggers wanting to set up their own blog, or existing website owners who want to move their site over to WordPress to take advantage of the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) for site management and development.

The power of WordPress for site owners lies in its overall ease-of-use, its ability to design on the fly, and the extensive plugin availability that allows functionality enhancements without knowing how to write code.