Thea Foundation

Thea Foundation

The Thea Foundation

The Thea Foundation is an amazing example of turning an unspeakable tragedy into something beneficial to everyone.

Paul Leopoulos lost his daughter Thea in a car accident. Thea was 17. He used that as motivation to start the Thea Foundation.

They provides art materials, support and resources to public schools across Arkansas for the visual arts, the performance arts and more.

In an era where the Arts in public schools are being de-emphasized, the Thea Foundation steps up.

It has been my very great privilege and honor to assist Paul and his son Nick in the redesign and redevelopment of the website.

Working with Mike Mueller of Copeland Search Marketing, we have redesigned and redeveloped the Thea Foundation website, transforming what was a sprawling, unorganized website into a neat, clean and organized website absolutely bristling with SEO.

The Thea Foundation is a very well-run organization and is very worthy of your support. Please consider a donation.