Razorback Game Day

Razorback Game Day, Finally.

After 8 long months, College Football has returned, and with it, Razorback Game Day.

Razorback Game Day Helmet

I can’t remember a longer off-season waiting for Razorback Game Day than this one has been. It’s been agonizing.

I suppose that part of the reason that it seems to have been such a long time since the last Razorback Game Day is because of Sporting Life Arkansas, a website I run with my friend Simon.

It’s been both a blessing and a curse in ways.

I’m so plugged into the minutae, and pay such close attention to every little thing now, that it’s made the months between the end of the horrifying season last year seem to stretch out forever. That’s the curse part.

The blessing parts far outweigh the cursed parts.

I’ve been so fortunate to work with Simon on bringing our little vision to life. From its humble launch on Thanksgiving weekend last year, through the long, cold, football-less months between January and September, Sporting Life Arkansas has been a joy to work on.

Working with such a talented group of writers – guys like Jim Harris, Doc Harper, Chris Bahn, Evin Demirel, Stacey Margaret Jones, Rex Nelson, Chris Murray and so many others – has been an absolute joy as well.

They bring us sports and sporting lifestyle stories from every corner the state. With original news, topical analysis, game break-downs, fun and funny observations, and even some historical perspective on teams from across the state of Arkansas, Sporting Life Arkansas covers the state in ways that no one else does. I’m incredibly proud to have been part of offering the platform to our readers across the state, across the nation and across the world.

And that’s not an exaggeration. We really do have dedicated readers in places like Poland, Germany, Australia, Canada, UK, France and more.

Another great part of this is that I’ve gotten some pretty cool perks.

Razorback Game Day

I was able to attend my first Razorback Media Day this year. I visited the new Football Operations Center, saw the new Locker Room and Player Lounge, and got to see the Razorbacks program from an angle that most people never get to see.

I met and talked with the players, had conversations with the coaches, and met guys like Rick Schaeffer, Steve Sullivan, Justin Acri, and so many more great guys who are as passionate about Razorback Game Day as I am.

I didn’t get to meet Wally Hall, but I did see him. He looked like the loneliest guy in the building that day. I guess that is a by-product of telling it “Like It Is”.

I sat and watched Jim Harris tell Razorback kicker Zach Hocker the story of Steve Little, and saw with my own eyes his reaction.

Shortly thereafter, word came down from The Hill that Hocker would be handling ALL the kicking duties on Razorback Game Day this year. How cool is that?

Razorback Game Day

Kyran got autographs from some Razorback Game Day greats. David Bazzel was not on that list.

Through our association with 103.7 The Buzz, I was able to send Kyran and her friend Sarabeth to an event purporting to teach ‘Football 101’ to ‘the Ladies’. The results weren’t what anyone expected. Clearly, we football fans have some work to do in sharing our love of the game with “The Ladies”.

Those are just a few of the cool things I’ve gotten to do since we started this thing. The list goes on and on.

One of my absolute favorite things about this is how it has reconnected me with my Alma Mater in Jonesboro.

Red Wolves HelmetI am as excited about the Arkansas State Red Wolves football season as I have ever been.

The response with A-State fans to what Sporting Life Arkansas is doing has been nothing short of astounding. They have embraced us, supported us and loved us.

We’ve had extensive coverage of the Red Wolves over the past few months, and I would bet the breadth and depth of it far exceeds any other statewide media outlet with the possible exception of the Jonesboro Sun.

The Arkansas State fans have been starved for coverage of the Red Wolves by most of the statewide media, and it has been our sincere pleasure to help alleviate some of that.

Thank you Red Wolves Fan. We are so grateful for your support.

One of my favorite things to do is to design infographics.

Infographics – 2013 Red Wolves Schedule Wallpaper

I designed a desktop wallpaper/background image for the 2013 Red Wolves football season. Sometime over the summer, we got a request from new Red Wolves head coach Bryan Harsin to use the graphic as an official part of his presentation to alumni and recruits. It genuinely is one of my proudest moments.

The excitement of football season in Arkansas is unlike anything else in the state. The Razorbacks, Red Wolves, Bears and all the other proud football programs generate a unique energy on Saturdays for me and so many others.

To have been a small part of bringing some of that excitement to Arkansas sports fans has been a real joy.

And as good a job as I believe we’ve done, we still have so much more that we would love to do.

Our coverage of high school sports, biking, hunting and fishing, soccer, baseball and many others isn’t where we want it to be. If anyone reading this would like to contribute, please get in touch. We’re eager to talk to you.

The traffic on the site has been consistently solid throughout the long dry spell between January and August. But the numbers over the past month have gone through the roof – exceeding our expectations by a pretty wide margin – and show no sign of slowing down.

We have several scalable and attractive packages to offer someone who would like to market their business or service to a dedicated Arkansas audience. If you would like to reach the very best demographic that Arkansas has to offer an advertiser, let us know.

We’ll be happy to come by and visit.