Pulaski County Arkansas Website Design And Development

Why do I always forget to get the ‘before’ picture until it’s too late, and all I can show you is the ‘after’ picture? Anyway, here is the ‘after’.


Click the pic for a larger view.

Pulaski County Arkansas Website Design And Development

So Fancy! Much Responsive! Very Search Engine Optimized! Many User Friendly! Great Content Management System!

I had a very good time working with Pulaski County Judge Barry Hyde and the good folks at Pulaski County Government on the development of the Pulaski County Arkansas website design.

It was long overdue. The old site (which I did not capture any screen shots of beforehand) wasn’t horrible when it was new, but it had become severely dated looking. It had a logo-patterned background, wasn’t mobile responsive, wasn’t connected to social media and wasn’t built on a Content Management System.

I put in a high functioning Events Calendar, Google Maps, Categorized Blog/News, Social Media features, and a whole lot more. I’m really proud of how it looks and works, and the SEO is working really well already. The former site wasn’t SEO’d at all, and was fairly low ranked out of what turns out to be a surprising number of Pulaski Counties in this country. Ol’ Count Pulaski certainly got around. At any rate, after less than a month, the new site is ranked #4 in a blind browser search on Google, ahead of even the Wiki entry. Not bad at all.

Oh! And it is bilingual! Click on the En Español link in the upper left corner, and the entire site switches over to Spanish. AMAZING!

And like I often do with websites after I design and develop one, this website has now been turned over to the good people at Pulaski County to do the basic care and feeding of themselves. I have had a couple of training sessions with their webmaster to go over some of the finer points of the WordPress CMS, and he seems to be doing a bang-up job already.

It was a fun project that I am proud to add to my portfolio.