Website Design

I am a website designer and developer.

I have clients large and small across the country.

Form, function and content must all work together.

Good UI/UX design principles are paramount.

Use the contact page or call 501-590-5321.

Logo Design

The client sells and installs back up power systems.

The möbius band concept came pretty quickly.

I’m happy with the way the concept was executed.

The client is thrilled with it.


This is a vector drawing
of my lovely wife created
in Adobe Illustrator

I brought it over
into Adobe Photoshop
for texture and depth

Patrick Houston Design Studio Portfolio

Logo Design

Website Design

Print Ads


A Few Words About My Experience

I have been in the advertising business for 30 years, and in September of 2015, the Patrick Houston Design Studio turned ten years old.

In all those years there is nothing that I have not designed and designed well. From print ads and brochures, to billboards and signage, to brochures and magazines and books, to sales presentations and catalogs, to posters and flyers, and everything else you can imagine. Seriously, everything.

When I opened PHDS in 2005, I would guess that perhaps 70% of my work was in print design, with the majority of the rest being web/interactive work. Today, I would guess that more than 70% of my work is in web design and web development, with the majority of the rest being in print.

I’ve done portfolio worthy, award-winning creative and highly effective marketing work for companies like:

The portfolio you see here is a tiny, minuscule representation of my work, and I don’t update this page as often as I should. I don’t make nearly enough blog posts about my work and I don’t talk about my work on Facebook, Twitter and the like nearly enough. I had rather work for others than promote myself. There is very little of my work from the 20 years I spent in the advertising agency business that I can put my hands on anymore, so this portfolio is pretty limited to the last few years. I was never much for keeping track of my older work. I’d rather think about the next project.

So please do not think that if there is something you might want or need that you don’t see represented in this portfolio, that I have no experience doing. I’m pretty sure I do. At right is a few truly random samples of some of my older work.

A Few Truly Random Portfolio Samples