New Website Launched: TAC Energy

TAC Energy Website

I am super excited about this new site and new client: TAC Energy.


TAC Energy chose the Patrick Houston Design Studio to redesign and rebuild their website.

The requirements were to improve the SEO, update the site to a modern CMS platform (WordPress), upgrade the visual appeal, and it was very important to the client that the site performed and behaved perfectly on mobile.

And the entire project had to be brought in on a budget that ad agencies or web firms wouldn’t touch.

The responsiveness of the design means that a separate mobile interface isn’t necessary. It resizes to fit any screen on the fly – notably, even a vertically oriented phone, all done with CSS. Please take a look at how it behaves on the phone. I’m really pleased with what we’ve done.

Another big part of the project was to integrate a stand alone blog into the site – one that had a lot of content and a lot of daily readers – without losing any SEO juice or followers. Pulling the content in from the blog site, integrating it with the updated content from the existing site, and making it responsive to different screen sizes was a challenge that is right in my wheelhouse. I adore these kinds of projects.

The SEO is an ongoing process. Because the old site had basically no SEO done, and what was there was an abject disaster, we’re going to let it simmer for 30 days before we get really serious about the SEO, so we’ll have some baselines to measure against.

There will be added functionality added over the next few weeks as well. A good form generator is in order, and a searchable map function is being worked on as well.

I really am proud of this one. I hope you’ll take a moment to take a look, and think of me when you get ready to redesign your site.

TAC Energy is a division of the Truman Arnold Companies, and one of their other business units is TAC Air, is a long-time client of the Patrick Houston Design Studio.

For reference, this is what the old site looked like.