New Web Development and Redesign – Keystone Aviation

new web development and redesign - keystone aviation

A little less than two years ago, I launched the Keystone Aviation website. Which was a redesign of an even earlier site. You can read about that here.

Things move fast on the internet, and a two year old website can get fairly long in the tooth in two years. It was time for an new web development and redesign, as shown above.

From a design standpoint, we wanted to make the site denser with the redesign. We consolidated and distilled the content into fewer pages, allowing us to eliminate a fair number of pages and make the navigation clearer and more direct. While dense in rich content – which is strategically great for SEO – it is still clean, legible, and to my eyes, a more elegant design.

From a development standpoint, the new site is a true responsive site. The previous site had a stand-alone mobile version that had to be maintained separately, increasing maintenance costs. We built a better form builder into the site to make clean and pretty engagement forms and a much better slider functionality. We used woocommerce to present the charter fleet and the aircraft for sale in a clean and information rich way – once again, stripping out the ‘purchase’ functionality from it.

We are in the process moving all of the TAC websites onto a common WordPress theme (only the TAC Energy site is on a different theme now, and is slated to be redesigned this year) so that the entire TAC web presence has a common look and feel, built on a common core of theme and function. Take a look at the site, I’m really proud of it.