Magna IV Website Redesign

I actually managed to remember to take the ‘before’ screenshots this time. YAY!

And here is the beautiful new Magna IV website!

Magna IV Website

I recently completed a job I’m pretty proud of. A complete redesign and redevelopment of the Magna IV website. Magna IV is a commercial printer (and more!) here in Little Rock, Arkansas. I had done a bit of consulting with Magna IV on an SEO project for their e-commerce site, and when it came time to redesign and redevelop the Manga IV website, they allowed me to quote the job. I’m so glad they did.

I have sent probably a thousand print jobs to Magna IV over the years and have always been a fan of their superior customer service and professionalism. I found the same thing to be true when the roles were reversed. The good people at Magna IV were great to work with, even when the deadline got a bit compressed as we were nearing launch date.

Starting with a new logo that I didn’t design (but I wish I had – good job Mitchell Communications), Magna IV needed a fresh, new website to highlight their exciting new branding efforts. I should also mention that Lucy Whiteside of The Peacock Group, a Little Rock Public Relations firm (who do not, I will note, have a website of their own) partnered with Magna IV and the Patrick Houston Design Studio to create much of the written content on the site. Lucy was great to work with and I hope to work with her again.

Conceptually, the idea was to connect real Magna IV client success stories to the account executives who do such a great job of finding solutions for their clients. The team at Magna IV do a great job of finding creative and cost-effective solutions for some really tough issues. Even after having been a regular customer back in my ad agency days, I came away impressed at the lengths they will go to in solving problems. They really do go the extra mile on behalf of their clients, and their clients reward them by coming back again and again.

Take a look at what we created together, and by all means, let Magna IV quote your next print job.