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Jane Colclasure Photography

Jane Colclasure Photography – New Website Design

I love my job. Creating beautiful things is a deeply fulfilling thing for me. But I’ll be honest, there are clients and projects and end results that despite my best efforts turn out less than beautiful. That’s the nature of the collaborative web design and web development business. Clients have their own ideas and requirements, projects can go sideways for any number of reasons, and the end result is almost always a compromise of sorts between vision, time, money, skill, degrees of difficulty and need. And that is as it should be. I am certainly not the final authority on what is in the eye of the beholder and all that.

But sometimes, everything lines up perfectly and the end result is this, Jane Colclasure Photography, a project that fell together like falling down a flight of stairs and landing on your feet.

My job was easy here – simply get out of the way and let Jane’s beautiful photographs speak for themselves. And they do that perfectly. The minimalist design and unobtrusive navigation was quite intentional, as I didn’t want anything to distract the viewer from Jane’s work.

I have hired Jane many times over the years and I can point to several reasons why you should hire Jane for your next project or shoot.

  • Jane is highly skilled and versatile.

While she is focusing on architectural photography these days, she is equally adept at personal and corporate portraits, home and garden photography, tabletop and products photography, food photography and many others. Jane is an outstanding photographer in all respects.

  • Jane is a pleasure to work with.

She collaborates nicely, brings good ideas of her own to the table, is relaxed but professional, can take direction or work independently and is always responsive to the unexpected that can happen during a shoot. Be it studio or location, Jane is always a joy to work with.

  • Jane is cost effective.

Jane’s prices are in line with other professional photographers in the Little Rock market, but she brings so much to the table in terms of easy-to-work-with, deadline responsiveness and end results that I always feel like I have gotten far more than I paid for.

This has been a joyful project to work with Jane on, and I appreciate her choosing me to help out. It is projects like this that make my job so fulfilling.