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Merry Christmas Email

Some of you reading this will have gotten an email from this site titled “A quick note from Patrick Houston Design Studio”.

The email had three purposes:

  • To wish my clients and friends a Merry Christmas
  • To announce the launch of this spanky new website
  • To demonstrate our new email marketing capabilities

In an ongoing effort to be of service to my clients, Patrick Houston Design Studio offers assistance with creating, managing and deploying email marketing campaigns.

If you didn’t see it, and would like to, click here.

Pretty nifty, amirite?

I used MailChimp to create the email campaign, but am also fluent in Constant Contact.

I chose MailChimp because it has a FREE service for small businesses like mine, limited only by how many emails you send per month – which looks like a generous amount to me. Constant Contact doesn’t have that feature, but will allow you a 60 day free trial, and their prices for small businesses are very reasonable.

One of the nifty features about both services is that they have plugins, widgets, short codes and raw code to install the functionality into your website.

See that little “JOIN MY EMAIL LIST” doohickey in the sidebar on the right? That’s the MailChimp List Widget for WordPress. It’s configurable to catch first and last names if you wish, and will add your email address directly to my master list.

Should you decide to join, I won’t be sending you much email to be sure. I can’t imagine doing it more than a couple of times a year, and I promise not to spam your inbox with a bunch of useless crap.

A few notes about the performance of my little email campaign:

Admittedly, I used a very small, select list to send the email to, but the performance has been impressive.

For the purposes of my campaign, I am in the Creative Services/Agency Industry category for response tracking.

Less than 24 hours after the email was deployed in what is not the optimal time to send an email (5:00 p.m.):

  • 74.2% of recipients have opened and read the email (the industry average is 17.5%)
  • 23.8% have clicked through to see the new website (the industry average is 2.5%)

My email campaign performed so well because I:

  • Started with a good list: I carefully selected the recipients from my contacts.
  • Had a timely message: Merry Christmas!
  • Had a relevant call to action: See my new website!

If you would like to get started with email marketing, give me a call at 501.590.5321. I’d be thrilled to help.