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Yoakley Law Firm

Yoakley Law Firm represents clients throughout Northwest Arkansas, with a focus on civil litigation, personal injury, civil defense, unemployment compensation, criminal defense and family law.

Arkansas Children’s Hospital

I recently had the opportunity to work with the good people at Arkansas Children’s Hospital on a specialty project.
They are applying for the American Nurses Credentialing Center Magnet Designation, and in an enlightened move, decided to make their submission as a website. They chose the Patrick Houston Design Studio to design and develop the site.

Logo design is a funny thing

Here’s a little designer confession that you should always remember:

When a designer says to you “It’s awesome that you used that scripty-handwritey typeface for your logo!”, that is designer-speak for “I can’t believe you used that scripty-handwritey typeface for your logo. You’re a total customer”.

The Arkansas Rice Depot

Recently, I was asked to become involved with the Arkansas Rice Depot. I agreed immediately.

After agreeing, I decided that I had better look into what I was getting myself into.

What I found was impressive. I would like to highlight two things:

• 98% of your donation goes directly to buying and delivering food
• It is the only statewide, faith-based food bank in Arkansas

Yesterday, I attended a meeting at the Rice Depot facility in SWLR to see for this for myself.


I am super proud to be associated with The Red Sari. I had worked with owner Julie West on some print material she uses to promote her fabulous products last year. A couple of months ago, she asked if I could help her out with her website.

Thea Foundation

The Thea Foundation provides art materials, support and resources to public schools across Arkansas for the visual arts, the performance arts and more. The Thea Foundation is a very well-run organization and is very worthy of your support.