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Website Design

I design and develop websites for a wide variety of clients.

I favor the Wordpress platform, but have recently started
looking into getting my arms around the Drupal platform.

Regardless of the platform, the principles of good UX design
are paramount. Clear navigation, ease of use and simplicity
do not equate with boring or plain website design.

My growth in digital design over the past several years
has been pretty remarkable. As the tools have improved,
the rate of growth has accelerated. It’s rewarding work.

See my portfolio page for examples of my web design work.

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Logo Design

The client sells and installs back up power systems.

The möbius band concept came pretty quickly.

I’m happy with the way the concept was executed.

The client is thrilled with it.

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My long document design and production skills are very strong.
This is an annual report of sorts, for the city of North Little Rock.

The design and production schedule for this piece was very
compressed, and it had to be completed in a real big hurry.

The final 92 page book was produced as a printed piece and
also distributed as an on-line ebook. A link to that is inside.

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Illustration Design

This is a vector drawing
of my wife, Kyran Pittman,
created in Adobe Illustrator.

Then, I brought it over
into Adobe Photoshop
for texture and depth.

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